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We place the candidates in all the big Brands of Retail like Future group, Aditya Birla Group (More Stores), V mart etc.

Customer Care

We place the Candidates in Domestic and international Call Centres in various departments technical,Non-technical, Voice, Non Voice support.


We place the candidates in big groups of Hospitality like pizza hut, McDonalds, KFC, Café Coffee Day, Madanta medicity and lot more.


We place the candidates in the field of sales with companies like Godrej, Hindustan Lever, PepsiCo, NavBharta Fertilizers, Kohinoor Group etc.


We place the candidates in SADEXO etc.

Tie up with organisation:

Based on the courseour national team work with Project execution teamto have tie up sector wise with the employers.The tie up would happen during the course development, so that we are able to have the placement/professional practice agreements are in place.

Placing the initial students:

There would be a lot of handholding required at the employers end and the student end during the initial period. Special focus and attention would be given during that time and any learning would be used to provide feedback to the Industry Collaboration team.

Identifying potential employers

For each employability program, NIIT Placement Cell identifies potential employers for the trained students. This is done by mapping the expected exit profile of the students of the program with the job profile of openings by various companies.

The Placement Cell identifies both, big national and regional employers as well as partners with local Dream Catchers
Centres to identify local organisations that have manpower needs.Students profile and preference is matched with the identified job openings. We propose setting up of a dedicated team that will liaise with employers across India.

Local Placement Team

This team comes into play at the local level to aggregate potential job opportunities in the local Reputed companies, cluster of industries, including local corporate associations.

Regional Placement Team

This team works at a regional level to connect with small and medium enterprises and Their industry associations to help aggregate demand for these industries. We propose to have a dedicated resource at each of our regional officeswith proximity to large industrial centres in the Particular regions

Central Placement Team

This teams charter would be to connect with major employers in specific high growth Sectors likeTelecom, Retail, Insurance, etc. where large companies have a pan-India imprint and are expanding rapidly.It will strive to engage these companies in alliances for understanding their manpower requirements, aligning mobilisation plans with these requirements and finally enabling employment of students trained at Dream Catchers Centres.

Establishing connects with employers:

The Placement Cell will contact the potential employers. The program
Objectives, student profiles, expected exit profiles, benefits of taking part in the placement process for the program and Salary expectations ofthe students are shared with the employers. The Placement Cell also seeks

Organizing placements

Depending on the nature of the program, the placement process could be a one/few day(s) Affair (where the local Dream Catchers centres conduct a job fair) or a longer rolling placement process (Where Dream Catchers centres draw up a placement calendar). In the job fair approach the local Dream Catchers Centres arrange the infrastructure and mobilise students for day long placements.

The Placement Cell ensures the participation of a large number of employers in these fairs. The employers conduct
Interviews and issue employment letters to selected candidates. In the rolling placement approach, a placement calendar Is prepared, with employers coming in ones and twos over a period of a month or more. This calendar is shared with Students, who can appear in the recruitment process for these companies.
Again, here too the employers conduct interviews and issue employment letters to selected candidates.

The placement process is tracked to ensure that each student gets to appear in a minimum of 3 interviews,
Preferably from different types of organisations. So far, less than 10% need the 3rd interview.
Dream Catchers has a vast experience in this area and would be able to mobilise resources to create capacities.

Dream Catchers has placed over 5,000 of its students directly over the last 3 years in organisations across India at Various levels of thehierarchy. The organisations in which these students have been placed are diverse and in
Different industries.

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