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What We Do

Sourcing of the candidates...

Registration of the candidates...

Training of the candidates...

Arrangement of the Interview..

Final Placement...

What We Do

Private Public Partnership Model – Under this model we have few tie up with private companies who have contract from Ministry of Rural Development for training and placing BPL candidates from Rural Background. In this project we cover Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, we started this project in the year 2011 and trained 1556 candidates from various villages and placed 90% of them in different companies.

How this process works?

Sourcing of the candidates – We use to source candidates with the help of village scrunch, BDO office, Go’s, and our representatives do door to door activities to get the BPL families understand of the schemes run by government.

Registration of the candidates – Once the candidate understood all the benefits of the scheme we use to get them enrolled for the training.

Pre selection Process – After registration of the candidate we use to invite the candidates to our centres to show them their carrier path through presentations.

Training of the candidates – After Candidates gets selected in reselection done by the company we invite the candidates for training for few days. We give them training in Retails, customer supports and computers. We also give them the training for different courses which lead them for self employment like mobile repair etc.

Arrangement of the Interview – once the training is over we now ask the companies to take the interviews of the candidates, after the interviews company give offer letters to the selected candidates and ask them to fulfil all the joining formalities before joining.

Final Placement – once the candidates get their offer letters we hand hold the candidates and help the candidates to find the accommodation in new cities. We also handhold candidates for few days so that they feel comfortable in new environment.

Tracking of the candidates and audits – Once the joining is over we track them for 3 month so that candidate can settle done in new environment and if he feels that he is not comfortable in the said job we give the other chance to join new company. We also help the company to documents and candidates as and when required by the government auditors for audits.

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